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Dating experience stories

First, you make to download a cubicle phone tracking software to your pc. Ultimately, her cubicle phone would be enslaved...

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Dating experience stories

All the time in the world?

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Jericho Swain: The 'Italian guy 1)is not Italian and doesn't look Italian (more North African? 2)Italian guys in Italy don't flirt like this at all, they are gentlemen! It's probably with foreigners that act like that, if they do this at all.

Michi Chelsea: All those people come across as dumb as fuck and really annoying. This makes the video dumb and annoying.

Mbonnar: If your world is spinning only during sex then go to damn america !

Jazzadicto: Why when the spanish girl says that she's from barcelona they show the independence flag? I'm also from barcelona and we are not all independentists, my family and I are not, for example. I see it a lack of respect.

Ilendir: When it comes to sex, we take (almost everything

Marion Mpak.: PS. I never mentioned BULL with Russian women. Maybe I should have. LOL

Matea Y: You have been warned!

Ladyluneth: I am suddenly very interested in Russian women. Da, da.

Dani Choe: Indian women have the most amazing eyes in the world

Italo Provasi: Hahahahaha i cant stop laughing. Yeah Filipinas are like that :)

Barbie Lee: And guess what? You have a new subscriber! yeeey! hahaha

The Poss: Make a Video about what sound more sexy Spanish or Portuguese


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ZomeaterWWZ: China is the worst (I am a Chinese so I don't think it is racist to say it)

Jfrd072891: Yeah, I'm definitely part Irish. Enjoyable, as always, Marina! Can't wait for your next one. ;)

Gilbert C.: I like how nobody said English from USA.

Cannedbread2: Maggie is so beautiful that makes my heart beat up so fast, what a gift of god!

Kingleazard: As a guy I've always paid for the first date. Whether it's movies, coffee, or dinner. The guy should pay. If you don't have money then realize where you're taking your date and what the tab could be.

Ozan Turkmen: Being late to a date is a red flag for me unless they have a solid excuse. It shows lack of interest which in returns makes me very uninterested already

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  1. Hiding behind your computer screen in safety and the comfort of your own home is so much easier than dragging yourself out a club or bar trying to be a friendly, personable person.

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