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Radiocarbon dating ice cores

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  • I was wondering how ice cores are dated accurately. I know Carbon 14 is one method,...
  • A recently developed dating method for glacier ice, based on the analysis of radiocarbon in carbonaceous aerosol...
  • Ice Core Dating
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An auger is essentially a cylinder with helical metal ribs known as flights wrapped around the outside, at the lower end of which are cutting blades. Below this depth, electromechanical or thermal drills are used. The hole did not reach bedrock, but terminated at a subglacial river. Hand augers can be rotated by a T handle or a brace handle , and some can be attached to handheld electric drills to power the rotation. The dating of ice sheets has proved to be a key element in providing dates for palaeoclimatic records.

Radiocarbon dating ice cores

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  1. An ice core is a core sample that is typically removed from an ice sheet or a high mountain glacier.

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  4. Ice cores from Greenland contain information about climate changes in the past over the Greenland ice sheet and the surrounding areas.

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