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Doctors dating pharmacists

Handling drug dependent patients. Doctor's bag or emergency drug supplies.

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The use of out-of-date medicines and improper disposal of pharmaceutical products harm consumers and environment. To limit pharmaceutical load on the environment, it is important that healthcare professionals HCPs are aware of and have good practices toward their disposal. The existing guidelines should be implemented to ensure patients' safety and to preserve the ecosystem. Recently, several reports have documented the presence of pharmaceuticals products and their metabolites in the environment[ 1 ] including surface[ 2 ] and drinking[ 3 ] water, in the concentration ranging from nanograms to micrograms per liter.

For example, expired tetracyclines can cause renal tubular damage. To minimize the adverse impact of pharmaceutical compounds on the environment, the challenges related to the improper disposal of unused and expired medicines needs to be addressed. In addition to the availability of required infrastructure e. A survey conducted in the UK revealed unhealthy practices of households where they disposed unused and expired pharmaceuticals either as household waste or via the sink or toilet.

HCPs should have updated knowledge and awareness in this regard. Hence, this study was conducted to generate baseline data on the knowledge, attitude, and practices KAP of doctors, nurses, and pharmacists on the use of out-of-date medicines and disposal of unwanted and expired medicines. The mixed methods questionnaire which included qualitative and quantitative responses was used to conduct this study after the approval of the Institutional Human Ethics Committee.

Doctors, nurses, and pharmacists who gave their written informed consent were enrolled in the study.

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Not only is this a breach of privacy, but it is just downright rude. If you make a dosage adjustment it always helps to make a short note in the comments: This filter is meant to weed out all of the people who would not be fit to make pills, but also those who might turn to drug use. One of the highest watched video on an intimate website features a pharmacist.

It might help your own health along the way. Have a staff member assigned to taking care of refills by phone, fax, voicemail. Journal List Indian J Pharmacol v.

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Also be a Responsible Consumer!! If you ever date a pharmacist or a pharmacy technician, be sure to never date anyone who works at the pharmacy that you received pills from. A withdrawal plan should be developed for the patient, which may require consultation with a doctor who has experience in drug dependence.

Opioids such as OxyContin and MS Contin, which are indicated for the management of moderate to severe pain, are subject to misuse or abuse by some individuals. Bound JP, Voulvoulis N. Most of the time, pharmacists will know your medication history better than your doctor because they have your file in their database.

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  1. With the opioid epidemic at crisis level, all healthcare professionals need to be more vigilant.

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